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Free PrEP Coupon Scheme

Noel Offer and the team at Green Cross Pharmacy want to make sure that everyone who chooses to take PrEP to protect themselves gets PrEP.  We bring you the lowest prices we possibly can but understand that some people will have difficulty paying any amount on a tight budget.

In 2015 GCP started the Free PrEP Coupon Scheme.  A small amount of each sale (about 10%) is donated to a pool of free PrEP coupons. As the sales come in the coupons build up.  About 10 standard sales will generate one free coupon.  Each coupon will get you a 3 months supply of Tenvir EM delivered to your door absolutely free.  

We believe in talking to the community and working with the community wherever we can and so far we have partnered with three community organisations  in Australia and New Zealand who will assess people's application for a coupon and pass their recommendation to us to provide one.  They will be looking to find that you are genuinely low income and would struggle to be able to afford to purchase PrEP without a little help.  

We are always looking to reach more people with the scheme so if you are part of a PrEP-positive organisation, can handle applications in a strictly confidential and respectful way, then please contact us.  We would love to hear from you.

How to apply for a 3 months of Free PrEP coupon

Apply through:


1. PAN (PrEPaccessNOW), or

2. M Clinic  (WA)

3. Meridian (ACT)

4. TasCAHRD, Tasmania

ph: 03 62341242 or visit 319 Liverpool St Hobart, Tasmania

You will need a valid prescription from your doctor and a healthcare, student or pensioner card.  Sometimes people don't have those things but have some temporary hardship.  Just explain in your application what is happening. 

New Zealand

Apply through:


the New Zealand AIDS Foundation (NZAF)

You will need a valid prescription from your doctor and a Community Services Card or proof of low income.  Sometimes people don't have those things but have some temporary hardship.  Just explain in your application what is happening.

NZAF have also announced (10/4/19) that this scheme has now been extended to international students, as well as those who earn less than the living wage, which is currently set at $21.15 per hour before tax.  If you earn less than that you can also apply. They ask you to upload:

  • A scan/photo of a prescription for 90 PrEP tablets, made out to you


And either of the following:

  • A scan/photo of your most recent payslip, showing that you earn less than $21.15 per hour (this must be less than 6 weeks old), OR

  • A scan/photo of your Community Services Card or student ID and student visa


How to use your coupon

If your application is successful you will be emailed a short code of letters and numbers.  


To claim your free PrEP just go to our main "1. SHOP" page.  Toward the bottom you will see a product with the GCP logo "Free Coupon 3 x Tenvir EM bottles".  Don't worry that it looks expensive.  Your coupon will annul all but 1 cent of it - which you can ignore.  


Select that product, add to your cart and continue all the way through the shopping cart. process.   You'll notice there is an "Apply Coupon" button.  Click on it and enter your coupon code.  Make sure you continue all the way through until you get to "Submit Your Order".  Your total amount should have been annulled to 1 cent.  The next page will show your order number.  


Make sure if you are in a country that requires a script (AU, NZ) then also use the menu up the top. "3. UPLOAD A SCRIPT / DOCS" to send us an image of your prescription.  


There is absolutely nothing for you to pay.  We will send you 3 bottles of Tenvir EM delivered to your door by EMS postal.  You'll also get a shipping confirmation with a tracking number when the order goes out. 

Feel free to contact us if you need any help with any of that process.

Can I apply again?

Absolutely!  If you are getting toward the end of your three month supply and still need assistance then please apply again.  We are set up to provide PrEP as easily and fairly to all as possible.  Its what we are here to do.  

How many coupons do you have?

At the moment we are generating more coupons than are requested and they are building up.  Its better they were out being used in the community rather than sitting on our ledger.  If you are low income, struggling to afford PrEP or need a tempory assist then please please apply. 

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