Pay From a USA Based Account or China

We do alternative payment methods that work well for USA and Chinese based customers.

1. We email you and payment request from an alternative system

1.1. Send a short email to,, saying  "I'm in the USA (or China).  Please send me the alternative payment request for order [insert your order number]".  We'll email you back soon.

1.2. Once you've made a payment send another quick email to alert us, again via, "I've made the payment as requested for order [Insert your order number]".  We should be able to clear that soon for you to your order and get your package to dispensing. 

1.3.  We'll send you a confirmation note that we have everything needed and its on its way to dispensing.  The next step is dispensing will send out your package.  You'll get a shipping confirmation with a tracking number that works via USPS.

If you have any questions or need more information then feel free to contact us.

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