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2 x  bottles (or 2 x 28 tablets) Tenemine.  Tenemine by Mylan is a generic brand used for HIV PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis).   Delivery charges will be calculated on check out.  Not a suitable pack for Japan or Switzerland as they allow only 1 bottle delivered at a time.  Delivery is unfortunately only by FedEx or DHL and no postal options are available for this product.


Note: This is delivered to us as a "tender pack" so bottles are not in individual cardboard packages.  This product will be boxed in a GCP generic box and product details will be printed on the bottle itself.  There are 28 pills in these bottles.

Tenemine pills are the same as Ricovir EM and both are produced by Mylan.  Tenemine is the brand name of the Mylan pill in South Africa and is the PrEP product selected by the South African government for distribution.  The packaging is designed for their local population and the wording is in Afrikaans.  The two active ingredients are chemically identical and at the same strength as Truvada and our other PrEP products.

Manufacturer: Mylan

Tenemine (Emtricitabine 200, Tenofovir 300mg) 2 x Bottles (56pills tot

SKU: tenemine-28-2
  • Australia: 3 mths supply per person. Script required, Passport ID not required.

    New Zealand: 3 mths supply per person. Script required, Passport ID not required.

    Switzerland:  1 bottle, no script required. Passport ID not required.

    UK:  3 mnths supply, No script required. Passport ID not required.

    Israel: Script required. Passport ID required.

    Canada: 3 mths supply per person. Via PO Box in USA for residents, Visitors: Script required. Passport ID required. Visa to study or work permit. Letter stating you are a visitor importing for personal use.

    USA: 3 mths supply per person. Max 3 bottles.

    Japan: 1 bottle only, no prescription needed.

    All other countries

  • This product comes via DHL express or FedEx only. Delivery typically takes 5 to 7 days but is not a guarantee.  ITP/EMS/RMS or EU Post postal delivery is NOT available on this product, unfortunately.

* Order limits

Most countries 3 months supply.  Japan 1 month.

See country list for your country's limit.

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