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Now Shipping to 53 Countries

We can ship to countries that have a version of a "Personal Importation Scheme" where you are legally allowed to get a limited quantity of PrEP (most say 3 months worth but check) delivered.   We've found 53 so far but feel free to contact us if you country isn't listed and we'll investigate the requirements for you.  

We Use a Courier, EMS, ITP or RMS postal depending on product selected and your choice in the shopping cart

Different products ship from different facilities.  Currently the main pharmacy in Swaziland has access to DHL Express and the others to EMS postal or RMS postal.


Typical delivery times are not a guarantee, especially with postal services that can have delays in their networks from time to time

DHL Express  5 to 7 days

EMS 10 to 14 days

ITP 14 to 21 days

RMS 14 to 21 days


If you select DHL express then remember to provide a street address suitable for courier delivery.  Locked Boxes, Post Office Boxes, Parcel Lockers etc are not suitable for couriers.


Our delivery times are "typically" the number of days it takes for the package to arrive.  International shipping has a number of factors outside our control.  Please consider all the delivery windows we mention as "the usual case" but not a guarantee.  If your delivery is urgent then please select a product that has DHL express.   You should particularly note that EMS, ITP and RMS postal are subject to the postal network conditions of the countries that package passes though.  Some destinations are very much affected by public holidays and the Christmas period. For instance, and as an extreme case, some packages that passed through UK postal have been in transit for 45 days or more over the recent Christmas period.  Talk to us if you are concerned about picking the right options for a time critical delivery.

No PO Boxes or Locked Boxes for DHL Express

Unfortunately, our couriers can't deliver to PO Boxes or Locked boxes.  Use a street address suitable for courier delivery.

Those sort of addresses are suitable for EMS, ITP or RMS postal though.


Borderlinx started advising customers from 5/6/18 that they have suspended UK relay operations. Its disappointing as a lot of our customers used them but there are other similar services. (see below)

Mail Relay via the UK to other EU Countries

Direct delivery to a lot of EU countries is not allowed by their import regulations.  However, packages to the UK, including Northern Ireland are perfectly acceptable.  The UK has left the EU as part of Brexit but Northern Ireland has special conditions..  We do not have a relationship with any of the companies listed below.  Our job is to get your order posted or couriered to the address you put on your order.  Helpful as we like to be, once it arrives with any of these relay organisations then your relationship for the rest of your package's journey is with them and we can offer no direct experience with them.

Parcel Flow has opened a phone line specifically to help our customers:  +00447467869963 ONLY 3.30 pm - 5.30 pm Mon- Fri UK time.


Country Specific Instructions

Some countries require us to apply different limits to the number of bottles per package and provide documents like prescriptions or ID.  Please check our "Country Specific Instructions" section for your location.  Please read that carefully and make sure you upload the right documents and select the right country and delivery options during the order process so your order is not delayed.  You can upload any image of a document to us using the "Upload A Script" menu option above.  We need all the necessary documents and payments complete before we can ship to you.    Feel free to contact us at if you need help working out what is required.

Import taxes, VAT, GST, handling fees etc.

If your country has a version of an import tax, VAT or GST then occasionally they will inspect the package and contact you for an extra payment. What we gather from PrEP activist sites in the UK is that it's fairly rare that it happens.  To be clear, you are responsible for paying any VAT, import duties or handling fees at the destination end. If you are using a mail relay service then you would need to contact them for any VAT or duty notices and instructions to pay.  If you fail to do that then you are not entitled to a refund.  We may, at our discretion, refund just the product cost if the package makes it back to our shippers in good order and unopened.  You will need to pay the shipping cost again for any orders that you would like re-sent to you.  Customs sometimes destroy packages with unpaid fees rather than return them.  Again, we like to be helpful but there are some things you must do at your end.

Tracking Numbers

We will send you an email with the courier name, link and tracking number once your order is shipped.  Please check that first if you are wondering how your order is going but, again, feel free to contact us if you are concerned.

Confirmation Emails (keep an eye on your spam box if you don't hear from us)

We like to keep you updated.  Once you place an order, the system automatically emails you an order confirmation.  Please check the details carefully, particularly your delivery address, and let us know quickly if anything needs correcting.  We jump on the orders and get them out the door fast so let us know before your package leaves our hands.  We have no way of knowing if your address is valid so your package will go to whatever address shows on the order.  We will do everything we can to intercept and correct mistakes on orders but, unfortunately, can't guarantee it.

A GCP operator will check your order for payment, docs (scripts, IDs etc) and that it complies with the Custom regulations of the destination country and send you a note via email advising if anything is missing.  Please look for those and check your spam box if you don't get one telling you the order has gone to dispensing.  If you don't get that confirmation then the order is "held" pending some correction.

Once we get tracking back from the shipper we enter it into the system and the system automatically sends you a shipping confirmation.  The tracking number is a link to see your package in transit.  EMS/ITP postal takes a few days for the package to get its first scan and show data.  DHL Express pretty much shows when they pick up the package from us.

Missed Deliveries and Return to Sender

Occasionally we have customers who miss their deliveries and notices that their package is waiting with the postal service.  After a period of time they may be "returned to sender".  Its very important that you put your correct address on your order including any apartment numbers.  Incorrect or incomplete addresses will mean extra expense and time to get your order. Once we can see clearly that the package is being returned undelivered to us we can issue you a store credit for the product component minus a $10 USD restocking fee.  You will be able to order again straight away and use that credit on your new order.  We do not do cash refunds if you miss your order.


Re-stocking Fee

It is frustrating when you miss your order.  It will cost you extra time and money.  It also generates a lot of work at our end handing returned items. The restocking fee on returned items is $10 USD and will be deducted from any store credit we issue on the product that comes back.  Please insure you put the complete and correct address on your order and watch your tracking so you don't miss your delivery.

Change of Address for Delivery

Check your address is absolutely correct and complete BEFORE you hit the "Submit Order" button.  Changes to addresses are not always successful later.  Do not forget to put your unit/apartment number as well as building/house number, street name, suburb and correct post/zip code. 

You are responsible for making sure the address on your order is accurate.  The system sends you an order confirmation so please check that carefully and make sure the details will get your package through to you.  The address on the order is the official address but, as a courtesy, we may try and alter the address that goes to shipping to create the label.  We usually get packages out as fast as possible so you will need to be quick.  If we manage to get an address change then it is the label on the package with the new details.  All the automated notices will still show your old address drawn from the original order data.  Please don't worry if you see that and we have confirmed the address change previously for you.  With postal services once its posted no changes are possible.  With DHL Express it is sometimes possible during transit but they charge a fee that we would need you to pay.


Remote Area Delivery
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