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  • How do I check how my order is going?
    Once you place your order there are a few steps to complete it. You will need to add any documents pay using the payment request we send you. Here is the path your order follows: Order placed->pay request sent->paid->docs in place->with dispensing->gone to shipper->waiting on tracking->tracking received, shipping confirmation sent->international transit->delivered. We will send you emails to let you know how things are going at each step of the process. If you were logged in at the top of our page when you placed the order you can go to that login, select the down arrow and then "accounts". You'll be able to see your order and some information on how its going as well. Once we put tracking into the system you can also see the tracking link on the order there as well.
  • How do I pay for my Order?
    At the end of the ordering process you will see a form where you can select Bitcoin, credit card or EFT bank transfer (along with currency you prefer). Our operators will check new orders a few times during the day and we will generate a payment request to email out to you. Once you pay on that and the funds clear at our end will send you a confirmation that we have the money and update you on whether any documents are also required and if they are in place or not. If all is ready then we'll let you know your order is going to dispensing and then the shipper.
  • What is the dfference between the brands of PrEP?
    All the brands on the PrEP section of our page are chemically the same. They have the same to active ingredients at the same strength in your body. People usually select the brand they want either on price, the cheapest, or on what friends your their doctor has mentioned. People select what they know and trust but they are all brands of generic PrEP on our first page that comes up.
  • Do I need to provide a prescription for my order?
    Different countries have different rules about whether a prescripitoni must be included with package or not. If one is required by your delivery country then we will insist on you uploading one before we can send out your package. Here is a link to check your countries requirements. Just type in your country in the search box to bring it up:
  • Does Generic PrEP work the same as Truvada?
    Yes! Generic PrEP has the same two chemicals at the same strength as the branded version Truvada. It is a duplicate of that pill. Occasionally you will get a brand of PrEP that shows slighly lower amounts of Tenofovir. There are different, very slightly different, versions of Tenofovir and the small tweak at the end of that molecule means slightly less is needed in the body to achieve the same strength of biologicaly protections. Here is a link to more information fromt he PAN site on generic versions of PrEP:
  • PrEP can be different colours
    PrEP can come in slightly different hues of blue, a miinty green or recently in white. Here's some more information from the PAN site:
  • What happens when Customs holds your package
    When an item is halted by customs, you are now dealing with the government in order to ultimately receive your package. If they are holding your package, they are the only ones who can release it. Australia: According to the Australian Border Force (ie - customs) website, under "Parcel Enquiries", "Australia Post is the carrier of international mail and has sole responsibility for delivery of your postal article. For enquiries regarding the delivery of your parcel, contact Australia Post on 13 13 18." Things to do: normally they just release the package after a time but watch to see if they try to contact you by maill to the address on the package. They may request clearer copies of documents etc. If they ask for things like commercial invoices then contact us and we will help with that where we can.
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