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Our Job & Your Job

We like to help when we can but we should also be clear with you on what our role is in selling to you and delivering your products and what is your responsibility at your end.  When you purchase from us you acknowledge and accept the following as part of the terms of the sale.


Our job is to check your payment, any documents required, and send your order.  Once we have handed it to the delivery service you have selected and let you know the tracking number then our job is done.  We have zero control over international shipments or how delivery is organised at your address or if Customs will delay or seize your package as part of their process


We share your frustration but delays are part of the deal. From time to time postal networks, errors with shippers, Customs inspections and other things will slow the travel of your package.  It can be days, weeks or even months in rare cases.  This does not invalidate the sale.   All delivery times mentioned are "typical" and only as a guide.  In no way are we ever offering a guarantee that a package will be delivered in a certain time frame.

Customs issues are your responsibility.  We are the vendor and you are the importer of the goods into the country.  You must do all that is necessary to take delivery.  If you fail to pay duties, VAT, fees or provide requested documentation and the package is destroyed or returned then the loss or cost involved in that will be yours.  If you order more product than we recommend in our Delivery->Country Info list, or in a way that we do not recommend, then you are specifically taking responsibility for any issues that arise from that and accept the potential loss of your package.

Couriers often only hold tracking data for 3 months. We can only investigate courier deliveries within that period to try and help.  If you believe there is a problem then you must let us know in good time.  If you notify us after 3 months we regrettably will not be able to help you and can only consider the package delivered.

Product Expiry Dates

Our policy is that when we send out stock to customers there should be at least 6 months left before the expiry date.  Products are produced in batches and the length of the shelf life left on the product will vary but we will not send out stock that has less than 6 months.  Customers using "on demand" or who are stocking up should take that into account.  You will not be refunded if you purchase more than 6 months' worth of product or will use less than you purchased before it expires.


All sales are final.  Please purchase carefully.  When you hit "submit" at the end of the shopping cart and pay then it's a sale.

We do not refund if you change your mind, delivery is delayed, your circumstances change and the product no longer meets your needs, you failed, for any reason, to take delivery at your end, you selected the wrong product, select the wrong quantity or you have provided inaccurate or incomplete data while ordering.  We do not refund on customer ordering errors.  We will try to help solve any problems but if credit on an order is due it will only be issued as store credit that you can use on a future order.

If we have made an error with your order we will attempt to negotiate with you for a satisfactory resolution.  Any remedy may involve re-sending the goods, store credit for up to the value of your order or in rare and exceptional cases, and at our sole discretion, a refund.  We will aim to be fair.



If the postal network returns your package we will, as a courtesy, give store credit for the partial cost of the product component of your order.  Wet will need documentation or tracking data from the postal network showing that the package did not reach you, has been unopened and the product is returned to sender in good condition.  A restocking fee of $10 USD will be deducted from any courtesy product store credit for returns.  Delivery costs are never given as a credit on returns.

Lost or Damaged in Transit

If the postal or courier service loses or damages your package then settlement for claims of compensation for goods is between you and the delivery company and does not involve Green Cross Pharmacy.

Package Stolen after delivery

We have no way of knowing if the address you give us is secure.  If the courier or postal service delivers your package and it is stolen then it will still show as delivered on the tracking.  As that is the only documentation we have to go on then we also consider the package delivered.  You must ensure that any address you give is a safe place to leave the package.  If you are in a block of apartments or similar, then your packages might well be left in the foyer or near your bank of mailboxes.  If that is not a safe place then please consider arranging a delivery address that is safe.  We will not compensate you for packages stolen after delivery.  It is entirely your responsibility to make sure that packages left at the delivery address are secure.


Goods that can be demonstrated to be faulty at the time of dispatch will of course be replaced.


We take your privacy seriously.  

We will not pass on your information to third parties unless it relates to fulfilling and delivering your order and only then if we have a reasonable expectation that they will keep that information in appropriate confidence.

If, in error, and in the unlikely event you ever receive information that should be kept private you promise to immediately inform us and destroy that information without passing it to other parties or using it in any way.

Check the Product

When you receive the package, please check that the products match those you have ordered.  Do not take products that do not match exactly what you have ordered.  An invoice is included in the package from us.  Confirm your details on that invoice.  Of course, please let us know straight away if there are any problems or you have any concerns.

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