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Second Global PrEP Price Drop and New Zealand AIDS Foundation partner on Free PrEP Scheme


Working with carriers, product suppliers and Noel Offer from Green Cross Pharmacy, Rodney Ellis, Australian PrEP advocate, has negotiated a second major global price drop for accessing online PrEP medication.  In a big month for increasing PrEP access, New Zealand AIDS Foundation (NZAF) have also partnered with Green Cross Pharmacy (GCP) to extend the free PrEP coupon scheme to people on low incomes in New Zealand


Rodney Ellis commented, “We are always looking to reach more people wherever and whenever we can with these blue pills that really work at protecting you from HIV.  Getting the price down is a powerful way of getting more people protected and partnering with community organisations like NZAF with the free PrEP coupon scheme means resources are targeted effectively and with care to more people who need them the most.”

Jason Myers, Executive Director of NZAF says, “We’re really excited to be delivering this scheme to guys in the community who aren’t able to access PrEP for financial reasons. While PrEP isn’t a solution for everyone, this is an important step forward in making PrEP accessible for those who do need it.”

NZ Community Services Card holders can apply online using the form here:…/free-prep-for-community-services…


“At the start of April this year the low end cost of a 3 month supply of PrEP, delivery included, was about $155 USD ($207 AUD) .  In the first round we managed to get that down to about $108 USD ($145 AUD).  Today Green Cross Pharmacy has announced their price at $85.15 USD ($114.17 AUD) to all deliverable destinations across the globe. That’s a 45% drop since Noel Offer from GCP and I started collaborating on the issue.”


The new $85.15 USD (114.17 AUD | 75.99 EUR | 65.33 GBP |122.98 NZD),  generic 90 pill PrEP deal is available to all the countries GCP deliver to with the new addition of USA addresses.


Noel Offer has said, “GCP are really pleased to be able to extend our product range, drop prices and partner with community organisations like PAN and NZAF to provide free PrEP coupons to those who might otherwise miss out.  I’m overjoyed that the first order of free PrEP has just gone out to a New Zealand PrEP user.  I’m passionate about finding more ways to make PrEP accessible.  In Swaziland we see the deaths and devastation that HIV can still cause because of ignorance and stigma.  PrEP not only provides a biomedical barrier to HIV but also changes attitudes, reduces stigma and stops people reacting out of fear.  We run this as a business to cover costs but my heart goes out to each and every person we send a PrEP package to.  The GCP team and I can see the difference this is making and we take a lot of pride in helping get PrEP users the resources they need to make that change.”



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