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2 bottles (or 2 x 30 tablets) of Ricovir EM. Swiss import regulations only allow the import of a one month supply of medication per person. The Swiss Double Option is only for a household of 2 people.  For correct processing, both names must be on the order and copies of both passports are required for shipment. Ricovir EM is a generic brand used for HIV PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis). Delivery charges will be calculated at check out. FDA approved.



Active ingredients:

Emtricitabine 200mg

Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate 300mg

DOUBLE Ricovir EM 2 x Bottles (60 pills total) .

SKU: ricovirem-30-au-2
  • As a guide only, typical delivery times 

    DHL express 5-7 days.

    EMS/ITP 10-14 days

    RMS 14-21 days

    Postal services are subject to network conditions in each country the package passes through and can take longer.    Once the package reaches your country then your local postal service sometimes has even more detailed tracking on the same tracking number.






    If you purchase is time critical then please consdier DHL express.

* Order limits

Most countries 3 months supply.  Japan 1 month.

See country list for your country's limit.

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